What Are The Ten Uses Of Electroplating?

Earth is a yard of metals and everything we use or depend on contains elements of metals. Some materials contain metals, large in amounts, while other have in meagre amount. World without metal cannot lend us this high standard of living which we enjoy right now. But at some instance, affordability of metals is so high that we are left with disappointment. And for people who want to enjoy expensive metal by not shooting the pockets open, electroplating is a magical science. Electroplating is a method by which a thin layer of gold and silver is put on a cheaper metal and you get the final product at an affordable cost. Classic metal is one of the trustworthy electroplating companies in UAE, who enabled you to enjoy the beauty and strength of metals in your budget.

Electroplating is a process in which a coating of metal is added to a conductor with the help of an electric current. The best electroplating company in UAE, classic metal carefully carries the process so that to ensure it lasts longer and you make most out of your money. Here are some uses of electroplating that we provide you to enjoy.

Uses of electroplating

Protective barrier

Some metals are prone to corrosion and easy damaged, and it needs a barrier to protect the metal from dust, air, water and light. And thereby electroplating acts as a protective barrier which helps the long life of steel and iron. The base metal such as steel and iron are plated with other metals like nickel and chromium preventing the metal from corrosion. The plated parts are proven to last longer capable to tolerate the extreme conditions.

Prevent friction

Friction causes easy damage of metals and it needs to be smoothened or protected to reduce friction. Metal surfaces are electroplated with nickel that helps to reduce friction in materials like electric conductors. Electroplated metals enjoy the reduced chances of early wear and tear.

Conduction of electricity

When you need to improve the electric conductivity and the good conductors and way high with cost, electroplating is the only possible solution. Metals are electroplated with silver and gold to increase their conductivity and save money. Electroplating for increasing electric conductivity is widely seen in the circuits of cell phones, computers and other electronic devices.

Prevent tarnishing

You cannot purchase household utensils and interiors now and then due to tarnishing, and hence it needs to be protected so that it lasts longer. Household items including silverware are protected with electroplating against early tarnishing. It helps the items to retain their elegance and also reduce the chances of scratching.

Increase thickness

To increase thickness as well as the durability of the metal, it is subjected for palladium platform. It is proven to improve the quality and longevity of a substrate, by making the brittle metal hard and strong.

Protection from radiation

Electroplating is also done to protect metals from radiation as gold possess reflective properties making it ideal for use, in components like semiconductor parts of refrigerator rings and reflector arrays. The reflective property has made it suitable to help, keep the electronic cool, and being an integral part of spacecraft and satellite designs.

Commercial applications

Electroplating is now popular for commercial purposes as nickel is used in decorative items, cars and machinery parts. Chromium and zinc are also used for electroplating to serve commercial applications like for rims of wheels and other machinery parts.


The metal surfaces are smoothened like for utensils, household interior works etc to make it lustrous with electroplating. It also gives and enhanced finishing to the surface of the metal.


The decorative items for the home décor are electroplated to give it an attractive outlook and meet its aesthetic purpose.


To procure a smoother and more consistent finish, copper used for electroplating items. Hence, copper plating is used for adhesive or additional plating.

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