Electroplating Essentials: Applications Across Various Fields

In simple terms, electroplating is the coating of a metal over another metal with the help of electric current. Even though this technique is well known for enhancing durability and resisting corrosion, the application of electroplating in decorations and in increasing the appeal of substances with gold, silver or chromium plating is something which is appreciated by many. Electroplating is done in all niches of work, right from automotive industry to jewellery and fashion, and more. A high value or rather shining metal coated on a not so lustrous material, without error changes the appeal of the electroplated item.

In the remaining part of this blog let explore the versatility of this technology through its application in various fields:

Automotive Industry

Electroplating is used in the automotive industry, mainly for chrome plating vehicle parts. The wheels and bumpers of cars electroplated with chromium, gives a mirror like appearance which also adds to their aesthetic appeal. You can enlist Electroplating in Sharjah services to get your vehicle parts electroplated. It would help increase their durability, and of course, customers love the shiny appeal for their brand new vehicle.

Household utensils and decoration

After showing its potential in industrial applications, electroplating has found its way into domestic spaces particularly to kitchen and dining areas. Starting from forks, spoons and kitchen wares to faucets and door knobs electroplating has changed the aesthetic appeal of home interiors. Many interior designers and homeowners electroplate these appliances to increase their look and appeal. It would also help prevent the tarnishing and corrosion of the metal parts of the appliances. You can hire the services of electroplating companies in UAE to get it done for your kitchenware.

Jewellery and Fashion wears

The magic of electroplating gave high values to base metals through gold and silver plated jewellery. Beyond jewellery, electroplating is also found in handbag designs, belt buckles and other accessories to create a style statement. As for fashion accessories, there are numerous ways in which you can make them unique and innovative through electroplating. This is also done on watches to incorporate unique and versatile designs with gold and silver plating to increase their appeal.

Eye glasses and Sun glasses

The frames of sunglasses and eyeglasses with gold plating are a style statement these days. Electroplating companies in UAE possess a unique skill in dexterously coating the frames of such glasses.

Medals and trophies

This is another avenue in which electroplating in Sharjah finds its relevance. The medals and trophies gifted for talents are so shiny that they appear like the receivers of those trophies. The efficiency with which such works are plated are beyond doubt meticulous.

Designing musical instruments

Have you observed the glow and shine of musical instruments in shops? This shine is obtained by  electroplating nickel or silver to brass or other alloys. These are the prominent applications of electroplating which enhance the appearance of base metals elevating them to superior looks. If you’re looking for a company which provides electroplating in Sharjah there is no other company that can match the experience and expertise of Classic Metal Coating LLC. It is one of the leading electroplating companies in UAE.


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