Tips to shine your metal surface while electroplating

A classy and sleek look is something that every entrepreneur desires for their bustling business blocks.

While the robustness of iron and steel are preferable when it comes to looks most of us requires much better shining metals like gold and silver.

Can’t complaint for this demand when we look at the shiny and sophisticated appearance that such metals provide for commercial buildings and apartments.

The downside of these metals lies in the cost incurred in availing bulk quantities of gold and silver.

What can be done as a solution?

Technology, like always, have already come up with a solution.

And it is called electroplating.

Electroplating in UAE is quite popular.

For those who are not familiar with this term, let’s see what is this electroplating:

Electroplating, in layman terms, is coating one material over another using electricity. Here we coat iron or steal with gold or silver.

An exciting solution it is, isn’t it?

Now that you know what electroplating is, let us see some tips to attain maximum efficiency out of electroplating. These are suggested by companies conducting electroplating in Dubai

Tips to effectively electroplate

  • Pre-procedure
  • Cleanse the base metal: By cleansing it doesn’t mean that you should wash the metal surface. What is meant is that the metal surface should be cleared of scratches, corrosion, porosity or any sort of fractures which makes it practically impossible to achieve optimum shining .Electroplating in UAE is done only after polishing the base metal surface and clearing such surface off irregularities.
  • Levelling: Most companies conducting electroplating in Dubai says that this procedure requires some skill set. Cavities and protrusions are identified before electroplating. After that utmost care is given to coat cavities with thicker coating and protrusions with lighter coating.

Sometimes adjusting the thickness to minute levels, which is called brightening, requires skill and chemical additives as well, says prominent companies providing electroplating in UAE

  • Post-electroplating, Buffing: In simple terms, this is the procedure of scrubbing of the minor irregularities on the surface resulting in an even surface. This indeed makes the surface brighter.

As recommended by the experts in electroplating in UAE some additives can be used in increasing the brightness and reflectivity of the metal surface.

While these are the tips involved in the technical jargons of the technicians to make the surface shine through electroplating, what matters is the requirement of the customer. Proper consultation have to be made with the customer regarding the level of brightness or finishing required before planning the required additives and procedures to be followed for electroplating the building surfaces.

A professional who do electroplating in UAE will know the importance of heeding to customer requirement and will plan accordingly.

While most customers prefer matte finishes there are some who needs the metal surfaces to shine brightly.

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