Know More About Professional Patina Plating And Finishing

Weathering, oxidation, or its combination can result in patination. Moreover, a patina can develop as a result of aging, wear, or even years of polishing. Materials like metals, stone, and wooden furniture develop a patina to ward off corrosive damage.

It is a chemical reaction that happens over time when materials are exposed to weathering factors like extreme temperatures and are left out in the open just like how a sliced apple turns brown when kept outside.

Over the years, patina plating services are used not just on the jewelry but to enhance interior décor as well. In fact, patina plating is one of the most sought-after styles in interior design.

Designing with Patina

In the world of design, patina coatings are applied for their aesthetic appeal. What makes it unique are the abstract patterns and the vintage-era styling. You can use chemicals to speed up its natural process, which can then be duplicated to produce stunning patinas on metal with a little assistance from us humans. Keep in mind that patinas only adhere to metal and liquid metal.

Using a patina requires artistic skill. Bear in mind that experimenting requires patience, deep consideration of the materials you’re working with, and the willpower to keep testing. It’s similar to cooking a new recipe that you read or saw on YouTube.

How to design using Patina

  • Choose the right base

Be sure you use the right base material. Patinas mainly work with metals and, to a lesser extent, on wood, but they work best with metals to give it an antique feel. Find out from the manufacturer the different types of surfaces you can use to create a beautiful patina. Make sure your metal is exposed and clear of residue, oil, and oxides. If not, the chemical in the patina won’t interact with it. Please remember that you cannot apply patina on MDF or other base surfaces. Before you apply the patina chemical, you must coat them with liquid metal.

  • Know your patina shades

Metal takes on a variety of hues depending on the patina. Select the proper patina color as a result. The most prevalent patina colors are green, rust, black, and brown.

  • Use a variety of tools to patch test

Choose your metal base and patina chemical, then decide how you’re going to apply it. How are you planning to apply it? Will you use a roller, sponge, paintbrush, spray bottle, or spray gun? Each tool will deliver a different impact on how your patina develops and looks. To determine how the patina might appear when applied with each instrument, try them out on different surfaces. There are metal coating companies in Dubai that can help you with the best patina coating.

  • Applying the patina

The patina coating to the metal base signifies the beginning of the main work. Add multiple layers but do it slowly and gradually. Make sure to apply a mask for your safety when you are applying the patina. The ideal way to get a patina’s appeal is to gradually create the look rather than using numerous coats continuously. As you can see the color, pattern, and style taking shape as you layer up, gives you many benefits. For instance, it will give you control over when to stop when you are satisfied with the appearance. Also, it also stops excessive patina from depositing on the metal that can corrode it.

  • Give it time to cure completely

It’s necessary to allow the patina to cure for the recommended amount of time once you’ve coated it and achieved the right color and appearance. Make sure that the metal base has fully soaked up the patina and completed the chemical process. The drying time is 24 to 48 hours. Allow it to dry for at least 8 hours, which is virtually overnight if you don’t have the luxury of time.

  • Apply a protective coating to maintain the durability

Once set, make sure to apply a protective coat. This is important because it prevents the surface from reacting with the environment, ensuring that no more oxidation takes place. Choose your top coat based on the base you’re working with since there are numerous varieties of top coats on the market. We at Classic Metal Coating offer the protective coating material that ensures the best possible defense for the metal.

  • Different Metal Patinas

a. Rust Patina – formed due to oxidation of a metal substrate. It brings out an orange-hued deposit on the surface.
b. Green Patina – popular on rooftops in countries like Europe, Australia, and the USA, green patina is the result of copper with atmospheric elements.
c. Black Patina – gives the surface a bluish-black appearance that looks brilliant on copper, brass, and bronze metals.
d. Brown Patina – a light shade, it works with brass and gives it an antique look.

Why choose Classic Metal Coating?

We are one of the top metal coating companies in Dubai that provide you with patina plating services at an affordable price. Our services include gold plating, silver plating, brass plating, rustic/patina plating, and much more.

If you are looking for patina plating services, then you can call us at +971 6 748 3804 or +971 55 633 0023.

Metal Decorative Coating, Why You’ll Need To Get One

Metals make excellent accessories for your own environment. Metallic accents, which range from warm, glowy golds and brass to chilly, industrial nickel and stainless steel, can help create a stylish space without appearing overly staged or unlived in.

Metal coating in UAE are more cost-effective than wood, drywall, and other materials and are adaptable and strong in many applications. More than just drop ceilings, partitions, and column covers, they have additional uses.

How Do Metal Coatings Help in Protection?

Metal deterioration, or corrosion, is a process that takes place under particular circumstances. The most frequent form of corrosion happens when metals react with oxygen and moisture to produce different corrosion products. Rust is produced when iron combines with airborne oxygen and water to form iron (III) oxide.

The idea behind metal coatings is to surround the metallic object being protected with an inert (non-reactive) layer to stop reactions with air and moisture.

Benefits of Metal Decorative Coating:

  • Better Aesthetics

There are several ways to finish metal coating in UAE, including but not limited to powder coating, e-coating, silk screening, and other methods. Metal products are unquestionably among the best if you’re looking to improve the appeal of your home with interior design services.

Additionally, you are free to select the ideal finish from glossy, matte, or textured options. This cutting-edge method fixes any surface faults in addition to improving the appearance. The decorative options, such as the application of colours, the use of glass beads, the unique plating of metal, etc., can also be changed.

  • Durability

Metal cladding is a popular choice in the construction industry because it is one of the most resilient and long-lasting goods. It has the ability to survive any weather, and in comparison to other building materials, its resistance power is extremely strong. Because metal has a lifespan of at least 40 years, it is therefore used in interior design services.

A variety of coatings can be applied in accordance with your needs if you need greater resistance and strength. Furthermore, metal cannot be rotted by termites, mould, or germs. For use as interior décor, metal that has been polished or treated increases both its resistance and durability. They are resistant to abrasion and other chemical alterations.

  • Easy to Clean

Unfinished metals are by nature coarse. However, the likelihood of contamination is decreased by all coating and adhesion methods.

Additionally, the finished metal’s smooth surfaces make it simple to clean. No harsh chemicals are required to get rid of stains or clean a surface.

  • Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, the majority of people choose green technologies because they are extremely capable of addressing environmental issues. The material of choice for them is metal.

Metal coating in UAE is unquestionably the ideal option for interior design services if you’re an environmentalist looking for green alternatives. They retain their performance level during recycling.

  • Versatile

Metal is used in interior design services for the obvious reason that it can be adapted to any type of area, whether it be residential or commercial.

The architects have countless design options thanks to the variety of metals that are readily available, including polished brass, aluminium, bright copper, and painted metal.

Common Coating Processes for Metal:

Different coating types adhere to the metal substrate in different ways. The following are the top five coating procedures:

  • Electroplating

By changing the surface’s ionic composition, caustic substances, electrolytes, and moisture are less likely to induce corrosion. Complex surfaces that can’t be thoroughly covered using other techniques are perfect for this technique.

  • Electroless Plating

This series of procedures changes a material’s surface layer into a corrosion-resistant surface. For instance, black oxide processes oxidise the surface, turning it into a microporous, blackened surface.

  • Hot Dipping

Parts are coated with liquid, as the name would suggest. Metal items that must withstand harsh environments or have intricate geometries that are challenging to evenly coat with a spray gun frequently use this procedure.

  • Brush or Roll Coat

Protective material is brushed or rolled on, which is arguably the simplest method for applying paint. Most typical for flat, easily accessible surfaces, especially for field-applied coatings.


Despite this, it is still wise to consider your design decisions before making a wide range of arbitrary purchases. You may always start modest and increase your use of metallic décor as you gain more confidence.

It should come as no surprise, given the advantages, metal coating companies in Dubai that do metal finishing is a fantastic option for interior design services. Modern architects and designers are choosing metal for a variety of applications because of the remarkable advantages of metal coatings.

The process of finishing metal gives it a fresh appearance and increases its resistance wear and tear brought on by environmental causes.

What Are The Ten Uses Of Electroplating?

Earth is a yard of metals and everything we use or depend on contains elements of metals. Some materials contain metals, large in amounts, while other have in meagre amount. World without metal cannot lend us this high standard of living which we enjoy right now. But at some instance, affordability of metals is so high that we are left with disappointment. And for people who want to enjoy expensive metal by not shooting the pockets open, electroplating is a magical science. Electroplating is a method by which a thin layer of gold and silver is put on a cheaper metal and you get the final product at an affordable cost. Classic metal is one of the trustworthy electroplating companies in UAE, who enabled you to enjoy the beauty and strength of metals in your budget.

Electroplating is a process in which a coating of metal is added to a conductor with the help of an electric current. The best electroplating company in UAE, classic metal carefully carries the process so that to ensure it lasts longer and you make most out of your money. Here are some uses of electroplating that we provide you to enjoy.

Uses of electroplating

Protective barrier

Some metals are prone to corrosion and easy damaged, and it needs a barrier to protect the metal from dust, air, water and light. And thereby electroplating acts as a protective barrier which helps the long life of steel and iron. The base metal such as steel and iron are plated with other metals like nickel and chromium preventing the metal from corrosion. The plated parts are proven to last longer capable to tolerate the extreme conditions.

Prevent friction

Friction causes easy damage of metals and it needs to be smoothened or protected to reduce friction. Metal surfaces are electroplated with nickel that helps to reduce friction in materials like electric conductors. Electroplated metals enjoy the reduced chances of early wear and tear.

Conduction of electricity

When you need to improve the electric conductivity and the good conductors and way high with cost, electroplating is the only possible solution. Metals are electroplated with silver and gold to increase their conductivity and save money. Electroplating for increasing electric conductivity is widely seen in the circuits of cell phones, computers and other electronic devices.

Prevent tarnishing

You cannot purchase household utensils and interiors now and then due to tarnishing, and hence it needs to be protected so that it lasts longer. Household items including silverware are protected with electroplating against early tarnishing. It helps the items to retain their elegance and also reduce the chances of scratching.

Increase thickness

To increase thickness as well as the durability of the metal, it is subjected for palladium platform. It is proven to improve the quality and longevity of a substrate, by making the brittle metal hard and strong.

Protection from radiation

Electroplating is also done to protect metals from radiation as gold possess reflective properties making it ideal for use, in components like semiconductor parts of refrigerator rings and reflector arrays. The reflective property has made it suitable to help, keep the electronic cool, and being an integral part of spacecraft and satellite designs.

Commercial applications

Electroplating is now popular for commercial purposes as nickel is used in decorative items, cars and machinery parts. Chromium and zinc are also used for electroplating to serve commercial applications like for rims of wheels and other machinery parts.


The metal surfaces are smoothened like for utensils, household interior works etc to make it lustrous with electroplating. It also gives and enhanced finishing to the surface of the metal.


The decorative items for the home décor are electroplated to give it an attractive outlook and meet its aesthetic purpose.


To procure a smoother and more consistent finish, copper used for electroplating items. Hence, copper plating is used for adhesive or additional plating.

How To Get A Rich Shine By Gold Metal Coating

Gold metal coating is applied on a number of items especially decorative items and luxury items. Gold metal coating is a favourite plating method which gives the objects an attractive look. It is used for various purposes. In the gold electroplating process a thin gold layer is applied on the items. The metal coating process begins with the cleaning of the surface and removing the contaminants like dirt and oil using chemicals. Then a deep second cleaning is done to remove the left over chemicals. Thereafter the base coat is applied and the electroplating is done. The objects are then rinsed and later dried.

Gold plating gives an attractive and aesthetic look to the objects. They have a natural look and make the surface smooth and give the objects a shiny finish. Gold plating is also popular choice as coating for different architectural structures. Architectural plating using gold besides giving it an attractive appeal also provides visible light and ventilation in the buildings. Gold has high malleable property and hence can be made very thin and is also one of the most conductive metals. Gold plating can be done on any metal. Classic Metal Coating LLC offers high quality and budget friendly gold plating in Dubai.

Gold plating is preferred by many for plating because of its various properties.Some of the objects which are gold plated include jewellery, antique materials, watches, electrical connectors, window parts, handrails, frames, plates, trophies and many more. Gold plating enhances the look of any object. For gold plating in Dubai, you can contact Classic Metal Coating LLC without any apprehension. We provide excellent metal coating in UAE. Our industrial experience and knowledge have made us proficient to provide efficient gold plating in Dubai. We will not only make the objects look refined but also will retain the attractiveness of the objects. Our metal coating in UAE service is never delayed and we will complete it on time at the most cost effective option. The visual appeal rendered by gold plating is admirable and often gold coated objects can be used as an artistic statement.

If you want to make any of your decorative item look beautiful with even and smooth finish get in touch with Classic Metal Coating LLC. Through our unparalleled metal coating in UAE service we will make the objects sparkling and new. We guarantee outstanding service. The gold plating done by us is also long lasting. With proper care they can last for many years.

Four Things To Know About Antique Plating

There is an increased demand for antique metal plating these days to enhance the beauty of decorative items mostly. Antique coatings looks good at brass and copper as there are different variations for blues, greens and bronzes. This type of metal coating provides an authentic aged appearance for products with many color options, lacquering stability and decorative factors.

Antique coating is done by using a selenium based solution to which the specific component is immersed. The solution mix varies, depending up on the type of the oxidizing material and the factors of temperature, time and concentration of the solution contributes to antique finishing. For a better service, finding an experienced metal coating company is essential. Find our prime antique finishes plating in UAE for a quality yet affordable service. We will discuss about some important concepts about antique finishing before you do or decide to hire.

What to expect from Antique coating?

This is really your choice to make your décor fascinating with an authentic aged look. It is something done by manipulating the paint finish, allowing a range of beautiful layouts to enhance every type of design. The shade scheme you select creates different looks for the antique plated surface and its worth of doing to prevent corrosion and adds personality to your products. Find a reliable service among the many metal coating companies in Dubai to get the right direction in Antique coating for your project for an efficient planning.

It is mostly a Decorative plating

Having done with an electroplating process of antique coating, it really makes the products beautiful to get a unique aged look. So it can be regarded as a decorative plating process whereby a thin layer of brass, chrome, nickel or copper is deposited on the selected component which really brings out the texture of the particular décor well at any circumstances. The process introduces a dark oxide layer over the surface of the bright plated alloy and creates a visual depth on all those exposed parts of the product to quickly analyze it. A layer of lacquer is applied after plating to avoid tarnishing and to preserve the finish.

Antique Brass, copper, bronze Plating

Antique electroplating has wide application in automobile industries, interior architecture, construction materials and many more. The antique electroplating process is the newest trend in the industry presently and can be used in various metals mainly stainless steel, brass aluminum, and to provide an authentic look and long term protection. Classic metal coating LLC provided the best antique metal coating in dubai, for multiple clients and industries such as hotel interiors, airlines, palace interiors and malls where stainless steel needs a transformation to get an antique and aesthetic appearance. Get the grand look of antique finish for every metal structure you prefer at affordable rates only at classic metal LLC, Dubai.

Choose the professionals in the field

Finding an expert service providing the complete line of antiquing and oxidizing process is important for various projects. For architectural projects, the plating process gives a rusty brown- greens or brown- oranges often or for decors, a range of browns and blacks can result providing a weathered look. For silver products, that can be pleasing blues and purples which gives an aged appearance. Making your valuables perfect with such antique touches can be done fast and fine with electroplating. The process is delivered by many electroplating companies in Dubai, from where you can book in advance, providing your material specification and needs. Classic metal coating is one of a kind in Antique finishes plating in UAE, doing professional service in the sector over a decade of experience.

What we promise in Antique Metal Coating service

Classic metal Coating L.L.C have been doing their prestigious service in metal coating with 17 years of experience in the UAE and the Gulf regions. We do admirable antique finishes plating in UAE for every type of projects and services with the aim of creating an authentic finish to the components, adding a unique character and protection to the surfaces. We are one of the leading electroplating companies in Dubai, specializing in Gold plating, Silver plating,, Brass and antique finishing, copper, Nickel & chrome plating, rustic and Blacken coating. We promise a transparent, reliable and responsible business solution in metal coating service, contributing our professionalism & experience to create high standards in the industry.

Choosing Decorative Electroplating For Interior Components

Several electroplating process types are available, including industrial and commercial-grade options. However, as one of the metal coating companies in Dubai, we specialize in decorative coating for interiors. Electroplating is also useable to make a part look more valuable, which tends to be true for silver plating and gold plating, or to improve the attractiveness of a metal surface. When choosing interior plating elements for your location, the smallest of details matter. Everything needs attention to detail to ensure that it aligns with the unique tastes of clients.

Some interior parts should match the one-of-a-kind features of the interior space. This is where decorative plating services go a long way towards ensuring a customized match. We are among the electroplating companies in Dubai that can bring a level of customization in terms of style for interior parts. With our company having many different plating finishes to pick from, you are likely to discover the ideal output for your interior.

What Decorative Electroplating Is

The term decorative electroplating refers to a process utilized to introduce a new finish on an existing metal part. Electroplating applies a thin layer of metal coating onto a substrate with electricity. The output is usually a smooth finish on interior parts in your preferred shades. It is unsurprising that decorative electroplating processes are the most prevalent solutions in the present electroplating market.

Why Choose Decorative Electroplating Processes For Interior Parts

Think about the main reasons to pick decorative electroplating for the parts of your interior location.

For Parts With Increased Durability

The thicker your electroplating, the longer the coating and the surface will last. The electroplating thickness is typically composed of multiple alloys. Our metal coating finishes are sure to look good and last long. Further, when applying your preferred finish, we will inspect, polish and clean every single piece. As with any of the best metal coating companies in Dubai, our finishing ensures that your output is made to last.

For High Quality Surface

As part of our step-by-step decorative electroplating processes, our skilled technicians will perform quality assurance (QA) checks. Whichever color you choose, each metal coating finish from us will be smooth, consistent in terms of thickness, and free of blemishes.

To Enhance Your Component Appearance

The key for component style is the detailing. Chrome electroplating is an excellent way of adding a sophisticated aesthetical touch to interior parts. Chrome plating will offer your interior parts a pleasing look, although there is more to the service than just aesthetical enhancement. It can simplify cleaning your metal part as well as can make it more durable and play a part in preventing corrosion. With our professional electroplating process, it is possible to improve your interior design elements by offering your metal parts in the interior complementary finishes.

Your Go-To Source For Electroplating

We are equipped to offer the decorative procedure for interior parts too. We blend science and art to offer clients the most durable and appealing finishes for the parts as well. With us as your choice from among multiple metal coating companies in Dubai and elsewhere, you can rest assured that you will get the maximum lasting and dazzling finished product.

Metal Coating: Giving An Aesthetic Touch For Your Metal

Electroplating is utilized to apply a thin metal layer or metal coating to a surface through electrodeposition. It is also used to make the aesthetics of a product or component better. Whether or not you notice it, electroplating plays a part in your day-to-day lives. As metals make up a good part of the things around us, electroplating services from metal coating companies in Sharjah and elsewhere keep becoming more in demand.

Different metal coating options are used in electroplating. Some metal types are considered more valuable and attractive than others; silver and gold are the most obvious and oldest examples of those varieties. Silver and gold are expensive and rare metal varieties too. Through electroplating, metal coating companies in Sharjah can apply an extremely thin silver or gold layer to a relatively less valuable metal. This way, an end product can be made with the beauty and lustre similar to those rare metal varieties at a small part of their cost.

Improving the aesthetics of less valuable metals has been the most common purpose of electroplating for a long time now. The aesthetic appeal of gold causes gold plating to be a common option for the production of not just fine jewellery but also other goods where appearance matters a lot. As one of the most experienced metal coating companies in Dubai, we know that gold plating has become a great option for giving an array of products a more decorative touch. Thus, it makes a product appear more elegant, appealing and expensive than it may be.

Plating products with this precious metal is an affordable service, offering a surface finish that appears like real gold itself. Thus, a plating service with gold from electroplating companies in Dubai can help to ensure that you get good value for money. The process is revolutionary for specific sectors, such as the fine jewellery industry to name one. Why? Because using gold-plated coatings is more affordable as compared to making an item of pure and solid gold. It is useful to larger business clients that wish to create gold-effect items on a mass scale and at a smaller-than-usual price.

There are other benefits to using the services of metal coating companies in Sharjah city. Electroplating with gold can also boost the resistance of your part or product’s substrate to tarnishing and corrosion. Electroplating covers surfaces with a delicate metal layer, thereby offering the components more corrosion resistance than the materials of which those are primarily composed. A product that goes through gold plating usually becomes structurally stronger than gold in its purest form. Gold is softer, particularly in the higher carat sizes. Gold-plated products are typically made of metal varieties with strong structures, which make those items durable.

Clients approach metal coating companies in Sharjah for electroplating their parts for better electric conductivity too. Electroplating solutions aid in improving the conductive properties of raw metals or metal parts. Gold, silver and copper are ideal plating options for metal parts with better conductivity.

Our electroplating team can also suggest which plating services suit your business requirements. With several metal plating options to pick from, it is vital to go for the one that offers you the maximum benefit in terms of aesthetics and other features.

Different Types Of Metal Coating Services

Metal coating in Sharjah and UAE is done with different options. In the industrial world, machines play the most important role and are made up of a large number of components. The metallic components can’t operate well without some coating for protecting the metal surface or reducing friction. There are many types of metals and the different supply of applications for coatings available. The experts in the business of electroplating in UAE know the technical ways for coating the metal and work professionally with the metal coating companies in Dubai.

Generally, there are different types of coatings available on metals to change their properties or add to their grace. These coating types are:

Plastic coating: Plastic Coating comes in different sizes and shapes. There are many types of plastic coatings available for metallic parts ranging from fluoropolymers to ETFE under different brand names. The non-stick coating is done on the cooking material with the name Teflon that is a trademark in the cookware appliances.

Metal: At times, a part of the metal is used to make a part and the other metal provides the right properties for protecting the first metal. The metal coating changes over time with the addition of products, such as NitroCoat. In this way, electroplating in Dubai and UAE is done for various metals for coating and applied using the chemicals in the advanced application process. Whether you need extra lubrication, aesthetic properties, or a protective layer over the metal body. Electroplating Companies in Dubai work professionally for different modes of electroplating to provide an extra coating on metals.

Paint: Painting metal is mainly used for its protection from corrosion. In general life, we see that a car is painted to keep the body protected from rusting. Paint is a protector of metal from any corrosive and rusting actions.

Polymer Coating: The whole industry is filled with polymers providing the best coating for metals. The list of polymers is very long. Some plastic products are also termed polymers. This is done to prohibit the exposure of metal to the outside environment and saves it from the impact of any unwanted reaction.

There are many coating applications and you can’t understand the best for your use unless you consult an expert. The type of coating on the working metal parts is one of the most important components for your selection. You must make the choice based on the machine temperatures, parts coming into contact, and other important details. The experts working for electroplating companies in Dubai can give the most reliable suggestions for the most important components that are workable for your application.


Classic Metals LLC provides the different types of metal coating in Sharjah and other parts of the UAE. They help you to figure out the best coating for your needs. They offer different application technologies including high or low volume coatings on the equipment based on its obtainable properties. The company works for electroplating in UAE with expert guidance and sophisticated devices for coating the metal bases.

Classic Metals LLC follows uncompromising standards and is among the top metal coating companies in Dubai. They provide the best and professional services at affordable prices. Whether it is a customized single coating or bulk projects, the company works for delivering a quick turnaround for all their projects. They’ve worked on multiple projects in UAE and fetched out the most responsible results for electroplating in UAE. The experts have specialized in gold, silver, and copper plating in UAE. You can contact the experts and share your requirements to get the best guidance for your metal coating needs.

High-Quality Copper Plating: Key Benefits

Electroplating offers many benefits for different purposes. Copper plating in UAE is done by many companies for taking the advantage of the metal coating on other surfaces or metals. The metal offers high conductance and corrosion resistance, and hence, is ideal for many applications that shall be discussed in this article.

Copper is a unique metal and electroplating companies in UAE prefer this coating for the compatibility it shows with the other metals and alloys.

Quality Improvement with Copper Electroplating

Copper electroplating in UAE is done with other metals, or exclusively in the plating process. If the properties of a metal are required to be changed, the process of electrolysis can do the needful. Taking the example of Nickel, the high resistance from wearing of the metal can be enhanced with the additive anti-corrosive features that can be provided only by copper electroplating. The resultant will make the surface highly durable.

Key benefits of copper coating

Copper is a soft malleable metal that makes it an ideal option for electroplating purposes. It is naturally adhesive that doesn’t separate it from the metals even on bending or reforming. Copper electroplating increases the corrosive resistance and results in the thick layer building that can act as a resistance for heating. It can even withstand the high-temperature and lubricant passage.

The metal coating companies in Dubai prefer copper for its supreme conductivity that makes it an underplating object for a nickel or tin plating. It can even give metallic properties to non-metallic materials, like plastics. The introduction of the cyanide solution to the electroplating bath can give a highly sturdy adhesion to the copper plating. However, being a highly toxic substance, cyanide requires great care to be used in the electroplating process in UAE.

Properties of Copper Metal

Copper is the most important material for electroplating. Here is a close look at the properties which have made copper obtain a strong impact in the electroplating industry:

Conduction: Copper is the 2nd most conductive metal and is way cheaper than the first one in this category, i.e., silver. Copper is the best choice for industrial and commercial usage for electroplating. This is the reason that the metal coating companies prefer this metal over the other options available.

Corrosion-resistance: Copper is again not the supreme metal for corrosion resistance but when it is combined with other highly corrosive-resistant metals, like Nickel; the results for anti-corrosive properties are supreme.

Adhesion: Copper creates an even and smooth protective layer on the metals during the electroplating process. It is a perfect under or top-coat with an intact layer providing all the properties of the metal. The copper layer stays intact with its adhesive properties and the final product remains layered for a longer time.

Cost-effective: Copper is not an expensive metal. It is way cheaper than precious metals like gold and silver. Copper plating in UAE is recommended to get different qualities at a cheaper price than the use of noble metals.


Classic Metals Sheet Factory LLC is one of the renowned metal coating companies in Dubai working for small to commercial level electroplating. The process of electroplating requires the perfect ways to make every surface and metal worthwhile. Our company works professionally with the core values of high commitment, integrity, unity, excellence, and passion for the work. We work for various projects of electroplating in UAE with a wider scope of our services for the commercial sector. Our fine copper plating in UAE is done for giving a dull reddish tone to the various surfaces with a shiny or a matte look, depending on the requirements. Feel free to contact our experts and they will guide you towards the electroplating processes we follow along with the suggestions for your work. We work in a dedicated way and offer electroplating in Dubai and UAE at cost-efficient rates.